Bad debts
Accounts receivable that will likely remain uncollectable and will be written off.

Bank debt
A loan from a financial institution.

Benchmark treatment
Preferred accounting treatment when there is more than one acceptable treatment allowed under IFRS.

Back of house.

A debt instrument issued for a period of more than one year with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing; presented as a long-term liability in the statement of financial position. There are different types of bonds, and some do not pay interest, but all require a repayment of principal. A bond might sell at above value(premium) or below(discount).

Bill of quantities. A pricing document prepared by a quantity surveyor, which may include a detailed description of the type and quantity of the work involved.

Individual or institution obtaining funds in the form of a loan from another, called a lender, and obligated to repay the loan, usually with interest at a future date. A borrower is called a mortgagor when the loan is secured by real estate.

Brands are products, services or concepts that can be distinguished from other products, services or concepts in a way that it can be easily communicated and marketed. A ‘brand name’ is the distinctive name used to market the offer.

Brown field site
Development land or site area that is contaminated or requires remedial works before new development or building can occur.

Brown goods
Describes household items of furniture such as television sets, chairs and tables.

Budget cost
The predicted cost as opposed to the actual cost.

Judgement based on experience and practice as to the practicability of a construction method or form.

Building file
A requirement under the UK’s Construction (Design Management) Regulations (1994) to keep a complete record of materials used in construction, all the construction drawings with maintenance procedures detailed and even how the building can be safely demolished at the end of its life.

Buildings on non-owned land
Part of property, plant and equipment.  An example is a situation in which an entity builds a structure on leased land.