Debt-coverage ratio.

Deal sheet
Summary of the major terms of the proposed loan.

Fixed interest long-term loans.

Decommissioning costs
The costs of dismantling and asset and restoring the land on which it was sited, and any other affected assets to their previous state.

Decrease in inventory
The cost of inventory available for sale at the end of the current reporting period being lower than the cost of inventory at the beginning of the reporting period.

Deemed cost
An amount substituted for “cost” or “depreciated cost” at a given date.

Deferred charge
A payment made in advance(and recognized as an asset) before the receipt of goods, services or benefits. For example, prepaid portion of insurance is recognized as an asset until the prepaid portion of the insurance policy expires.

Deferred tax assets
The amount of income taxes recoverable in future periods attributable to deductible temporary differences between accounting profit and taxable profit, carry-forwards of unused tax losses, and carry-forwards of unused tax credits.

Dependency agreement
Statue or agreement between a parent and its affiliate giving the parent the power to govern the financial and operating policies of the affiliate.

Depreciation methods
IAS 16 states that the depreciation method should reflect the pattern in which the asset’s future economic benefits are expected to be consumed by the entity and that appropriateness of the method should be reviewed at least annually in case there has been a change in the expected pattern.

The proportion of the cost of a fixed asset which is to be charged to the profit of the business.

Development cost
A cost incurred during the development process.

The application of research findings or other knowledge to a plan or design for the production of new or substantially improved materials, devices, products, processes, systems, or services prior to commencement of commercial production or use.

The full disclosure accounting principle states that any and all information that is of sufficient importance to influence the judgment and decisions of an informed user must be included in a the financial statements, in the notes to the financial statements and as supplementary information

Discount factor
The percentage rate of return which represents the opportunity cost of using the funds in different ways.

Discounted cash flow
The future monetary value of net cash flows expressed in present value terms.

A distribution of money or property by a corporation out of the corporation’s profits to its shareholders. A dividend reduces the balance in retained earnings in the statement of changes in equity.

Dividend policy
The decision of the Board of Management to pay out profit or to retain and reinvest profit in entity.

Double loaded corridors
Acorridor providing access to rooms on two sides.

Due diligence
A systematic process in which concerted attempts are made to unearth every fact that is relevant to the situation, and that might affect the decision to continue with the venture.

Duty to disclosure
The requirement for publicly traded entities to disclose all information that is of sufficient importance to influence the judgment and decisions of an informed user.