Gains from reversal of provisions
Gains due to reversing all or a portion of a prior entry which are recognized an expense and a liability.

General accounting principles: used in the USA.

Gross domestic product.

Global distribution system.

General administration expense
The cost of controlling, directing and managing a business which cannot be directly charged to the production, distribution and selling of its products.

Future economic benefits arising from assets that are not capable of being individually identified and separately recognized.

Gross operating profit.

Gross operating profit per available room.

Government assistance
An action by government designed to provide an economic benefit specific to an enterprise or range of enterprises qualifying under certain criteria.

Green field site
A parcel of land designated for the first time for new development.

Gross profit
Gross profit is derived by subtracting the cost of goods  sold from net sales. It does not include any selling, general and administrative expenses or income taxes. Also called profit margin or markup.

A commitment to honor an obligation of another party in the event certain defined conditions are not met. Also called warranty

Guaranteed residential value
For a lessee, that part of the residual value that is guaranteed by the lessee or by a party related to the lessee. For a lessor, that part of the residual value that is guaranteed by the lessee or by a third party unrelated to the lessor that is financially capable of discharging the obligations under the guarantee.