H1 Hotelfund AG

A city and marketing study on Budapest regarding real estate potential in Budapest was done (2006)

A city and marketing study on Podgorica regarding real estate potential in Podgorica was completed (2006)

A hotel and tourism database for Central-, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe was developed for H1 Hotelfund (2006)

Largest Austrian real estate foundation

A market analysis and hotel operator search (contract negotiator) including a business plan was performed (2006)

Leading real estate developer for central and eastern Europe

Conducted a city and market research study for a hotel project in Kosice (2006)

Russian National Tourism Organisation

Prepared a comprehensive presentation of the lake and ski tourism in Austria (2006)

Leontief Centre

In cooperation with Leontief centre, a tourism masterplan for the regions of Irkutsk, Republic of Buryatia/Russia was created (2005/2006)

Acts GmbH – Fun City

A feasibility report and business plan on the recreation and sports park project Fun City were created (1999/2005/2006)

Laterna, Porec

Created a macro and micro economic asset and design master plan for Laterna, Porec (2003)

Francesca v Habsburg – Arch Foundation

Development of a large Mediterranean resort complex close to Dubrovnik (2002)

Swiss Congress Market

A thorogh analysis of the Swiss Congress Market – including all foreseeable events within the next few years was done (2000)

“Wiener Konzerthaus” Vienna

A restaurant and tenancy concept for the catering divison of the “Wiener Konzerthaus” was developed (1998)

Tourism Ministry of Albania

Created a tourism master plan for the Southern region of Albania (1997)

Tourism Ministry of Croatia

Created a tourism master plan for Croatia (1996/1997)

Phare/NTO – Hungary

A tourism marketing plan for Hungary for Phare/National Tourism Organization was created (1996/1997)

Casino Odessa

Preparation of a market and industry analysis for a casino complex in Odessa/Ukraine