Asset Management

The aim of asset management is to advise a client on the operational and financial management of a company to help maintain or improve its value and performance. The client might be the owner of the company, a lender or an operating company.
The value of a company is impacted by the performance of the operation, their human assets as well as the financial structure of the property. Therefore we advise a client in both areas where the financial aspects include optimizing the investment strategies through advising on the structuring and design of contracts and the monitoring of essential investment expenditures.
On the operating side, we focus on analyzing and improving the performance of both the operation and management. This is done in terms of reviewing and improving the performance of the profit and loss, monitoring the developments affecting the market and location, and advising on market positioning and repositioning strategies.

    • Budget / Financial (P&L)
    • Benchmarking
    • Capital expenditure (CAPEX) and planning
    • Operational expenditure (OPEX) and planning
    • Marketing plan development and review
    • Repositioning and rebranding strategies
    • Accounting and financial management reporting
    • Operating service