Travel and Tourism

The sector of tourism has been constantly developing over the last several decades. Even though the international crisis caused a decrease in the number of competitors and customers, demand was rising in the overall trend. In recent years tourism became equal to some important businesses, such as the petrochemical industry, food industry and automotive industry. According to an estimate by the World Tourism Organization the number of tourists will double in the coming years and will reach the 1.6 billion mark. Since this sector is becoming more and more valuable and essential, our major goal is to prepare a safe and profitable market entry for our partners and clients, therefore we can use our local connection with experts. We fully support our clients not only by creating complete tourism development plans and strategies, but also by developing and assessing already active projects. By using our widespread network and global connections we are able to achieve optimal results on your project:

    • Master planning and Development(macro & micro)
    • Market, Potential and Image Analyses
    • Implementation