M&A New Energy / Oil & Gas

1. Italy

  • Wind Energy Ltd., small wind mills ( based on area of the PV), 10 x 50kWh / Investment MEUR 1, fixed guaranteed return 7%p.a.
  • Grid linked PV plant, 2MW / Investment MEUR 1,5,  fixed guaranteed return 6,5% p.a.


2. Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria

  • Metha Power GmbH, (MP), Vienna based, (production and trade of new energy, based on bio Gas, as electricity, ethanol, heat, biodiesel, bio Gas and Bio DME. The Bio DME aims to assess whether there is a market for Bio –DME (Di-Methyl-Ether) for commercial vehicles. When diesel fuel is to be replaced by Bio –DME, CO2 emissions would be able to be reduced by a massive 95 percent). As Cooperation partner for DME the Swedish VOLVO Truck company signed


  • Metha Power has invested in an existing Bio Mass Power station (close to Vienna), which is producing already all kinds of energy mentioned above. To enable a roll out for approx.  10 projects, an investment volume of MEUR 5 for each project is needed. The structure will on base of a 8y corporate Bond with a fixed dividend of  7,5% p.a.